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Blog Roll: ETSF Launches New Site – The Sports Fan Journal.

Kenny, Ed, and Brandon Lewis - Hosts of ETSF Unsportsmanlike Conduct Radio

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Here at we support our friends. Eddie Maisonet (whom we’ve covered in a feature story – see ‘In Ed We Trust’) and Kenny Masenda (who has written for us previously – see our Joe Briggs feature and The Lo Life) are two gentlemen who have built a sports blog centered on truth and educated opinion instead of salacious gossip and hearsay. From the inception of Ed’s first child,, the duo has cultivated an experience tailored to the wants, needs, joys, and sorrows of those of us who just love our sports. But, just as high school kids outgrow the joys of locker row and on site parking and move on to frat houses and beer pong ETSF has outgrown it’s original framework.

Below is a brief synopsis of the new features offered at Now, I know change is a bit of a touchy subject with some of us, but embrace this and show your support. The writers are amazing, topics are engaging, and you just may find yourself falling in sports love with Eddie and the crew.

The Sports Fan Journal – the evolution of Eddie Maisonet’s Ed The Sports Fan, a new online sports publication to launch 11.11.11

CINCINNATI – The Sports Fan Journal will focus on generating original, thought-provoking and innovative content to sports fans all across the globe. The Sports Fan Journal is scheduled to launch on November 11, 2011 that will feature original commentary, exclusive interviews, podcasts and more.

The initial launch of The Sports Fan Journal will also feature the following contributors:

* Phillip Barnett – The California writer is a contributor to ESPN’s Truehoop Network.

* Joe Boland – Editor of The House That Glanville Built.

* Bryan Crawford – The Chicago scribe is a contributor to SLAM Magazine and the accompanying website,

* Syreeta Hubbard – Editor of The NFL Chick, a popular football blog from a knowledgeable female’s perspective.

* Joslin Lofton – Founder and editor of Pigskin Loving Lady.

* Joe Simmons – Founder and CEO of Bull City State Of Mind and works as a color analyst for North Carolina Central University Sports Network.

* Justin Tinsley – Tinsley is the Associate Editor at The Smoking Section, with a focus on hard-hitting sports insight and music commentary.

* Mark Trible – Sports Editor at, an analyst at Inside Hockey, and a co-host at Flyers Corner Radio

Be sure to head on over to The Sports Fan Journal and show some love on this here moving day. Congratulations guys!

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