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Beats x Bars | Blue, The Misfit


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In the fall of 2012, I interviewed Kendrick Lamar on one of his many Texas stops and he said, “So many of my songs are things kids can relate to because I am this. This music is me. I’m them.” It was an a-ha moment for me primarily because it reminded me that beyond the glitter, the glamour, the accolades, and the hype – most of our favorite musicians are here to tell a story. They allow us into their closets, their dark spaces, their happy moments, and often times, their most vulnerable states in order to act as griots of greater truths. Knowing the process and the first-hand stories behind their beats and their bars not only gives us insight into different wells of creativity, but provides a glimpse at the “why” and the “what” of our favorite songs.

We haven’t let one of these artist speak in a minute, but that ends today.

It’s fitting that Blue, The Misfit is the artist whom resurrects this series. The futuristic beatmaker and emcee happened to be one of the very first artists I interviewed (along with his former partner Brown – Sore Losers Come To Win February 2011) and he’s always remained one of the more open people I’ve been blessed enough to encounter. From the highs of LA life and TDE in-house production credits, to the lows of a group break up, a reluctant move back to Texas, and an extremely dark period in both his artistic and personal life, Blue has always been more than honest about where he’s been and how it’s manifested in the sounds and songs he’s created.

Now, with a new project planting seeds across the e-plains, Blue (along with his Brain Gang family) has found exponential growth in all of the madness. With the release of Child In The Wild, we hear a different side of Blue – one that embodies both his carefree moments and his darker struggles while also telling the story of an artist who has been humbled enough to recognize his greatness.

Get some insight into the mind of a misfit and re-familiarize yourself with BxB by pressing play below.

Video x Editing: Jason Sanders of WMS Media

Blue, The Misfit
Brain Gang
Vince Chapa
Ish D
Jason Sanders

If you’ve yet to give Blue’s latest project a listen, press play on Child In The Wild below.

More Blue?
Twitter: @BlueTheMisfit
IG: BlueTheMisfit
Youtube: BrainGangBlue

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